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While apprehensions about employment and schools dominate headlines, the truth is that the effects of large-scale language models such as ChatGPT will touch virtually every corner of our lives. These new tools raise society-wide concerns about artificial intelligence’s role in reinforcing social biases, committing fraud and identity theft, generating fake news, spreading misinformation and more. Researchers have identified 26 global warming accelerators known as amplifying feedback loops that the researchers say aren’t being properly included in climate models. They note that the findings add urgency to the need to respond to the climate crisis and provide a roadmap for policymakers aiming … There is extensive research on how a fixed-position flap affects lift in the realm of fluid-structure interaction.
Commercial actors can contribute positively to health and society, and many do, providing essential products and services. However, a substantial group of commercial actors are escalating avoidable levels of ill health, planetary damage, and inequity—the commercial determinants of health. While policy solutions are available, they are not currently being implemented, and the costs of harm caused by some products and practices are coming at a great cost to individuals and society. Every morning, we’ll send you a digest of the top stories affecting South Florida, including breaking news, sports, politics and more. Sign up today and we’ll email you the newest articles every week.
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We are pleased to launch this new article collection which will welcome novel and insightful papers that have an impact on our understanding of obesity and diabetes in children and young people and how the problem can be tackled. We are seeking submissions on pain in vulnerable groups, especially content from low-middle income and at-risk population settings so relevant communities are heard and served. This BMC Medicine editorial focuses on the increased incidence of FI in high income regions and the societal gaps which must be addressed in combating this issue. Sharp, interesting, surprising stories every weekday via The Atlantic’s Daily Idea. © 2023 Edmonton Journal, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.
Advancing the rights and needs of people whose lives have been upended by terrorism is the goal of a two-day meeting that opened at United Nations Headquarters in New York on Thursday. Apple News only uses on-device intelligence to recommend stories and doesn’t access your information without your permission. We never share it with others or allow advertisers to track you. Hear professionally narrated versions of the week’s most thought‑provoking articles with Apple News+ audio stories. Take in a 4000‑word long‑form feature in around 20 minutes.
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The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados may be beneficial in preventing chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that dietary fiber also promotes good gut health and microbial diversity. This can reduce inflammation and aggravation of the digestive tract. This nutrient is often overlooked but is essential for bone health.
Researchers have now identified a prospective Earth-sized planet in another solar system as a prime … Researchers have found people have more efficient conversations, use more positive language and perceive each other more positively when using an artificial intelligence-enabled chat … People with Alzheimer’s disease develop defects in cognitive functions like memory as well as problems with noncognitive functions that can lead to anxiety and depression.