Sneaker Fundraiser Program

Online challenges are an exciting way to get a large group of people to support a cause rather than just within your community. Online audiences love to join trending challenges, especially if there’s a purpose behind the messaging. Multiple platforms offer texting services to support your cause. The idea behind it is to think of a memorable phrase or word that encourages you to start texting in. Revenue streams come from text messages; one text triggers donations.
Thank you, SignUpGenius, for this well-designed, FREE service. Get the band back together with a Battle of the Bands competition. Student teams show off their musical ability and share their passion.
A chores auction is a great way to engage your school athletics and sports teams, and even parents as volunteers, helping people complete chores at school or home. But seriously, school fundraising is a big part of keeping schools up and running. Budget cutbacks and other government shenanigans keep schools from getting the funding they need to maintain activities and courses for students. Children are the future, and by instilling compassion in them, we help find hope for a better tomorrow for people, animals, and communities around the world. Find a popcorn vendor that offers a high-profit margin and a variety of flavors to choose from.
Rocklands Community Primary School did this successful Book Nook Appeal for their library which hadn’t kept pace with the growth of the school. Instead of giving up something and donating the money, have colleagues do something nice for one another. Don’t forget that the best happy hours have awesome playlists or…
You can even charge extra to have the bricks engraved with the donor’s name or the name of someone they wish to honor. Get easy school fundraisers involved in the letter-writing aspect of a fundraising letter campaign. Not only can they help speed up the process, but it can also add significant value by incorporating a personal touch. The cookie dough was delivered today and everything was perfect.
First, ask parents and teachers to donate homemade cakes in different flavors and sizes. Then, set up a space in the school with numbered spaces arranged in a circle. Charge participants a fee to join the game and have them walk around the circle as music plays. When the music stops, draw a number and the participant standing in the matching numbered space wins a cake.
This fundraising option does require a venue as well as numerous volunteers, however attendees will relish the opportunity to celebrate. The in-person option will require volunteers and a venue, however, if you hold it online, you’ll have an easier time. This option requires very few volunteers or physical space since it can be run entirely online! You can help moms, and schools, shine brilliantly this Mother’s Day.
This is a quick and easy fundraiser that requires very little set-up and can be done in one day. They’re also a fun and appealing way to encourage exercise. Not to mention students love an idea that lets them get out of school on a nice sunny day. You can sell all the favorites like hot dogs, burgers and baked goods for dessert.
Extracurricular fundraising is essential to providing the best after-school experience for your students. This is where your walk-a-thon, or jog-a-thon, comes into play. Ask students to ask friends and family to donate a specific dollar amount for each lap they compete. Consider a silent auction during your school’s fall carnival, for example.